6. From Theocracy to tyranny ?

Where is humanity heading to ? If we follow the course of human history, can we see where we stand now and where we are going ? Are we going from Theocracy to tyranny ? Did I mention God? Why is it politically incorrect in a democratic society with freedom of speech, to say, “God exists”, when those who believe in the existence of a God, far outnumber the atheists ? Shouldn’t that be proof of the existence of a God, because an overwhelming majority have their consciences bear witness to this truth ? Why is it that those who pretend to be atheists, rail at God when they go through hell on earth? Isn’t it right to conclude that there are no true atheists but only rebels, because the consciousness of a God seems undeniable ?
Wasn’t it a nation of rebels who had seen the unquestionable acts of God, that rejected Theocracy and asked for a king ? ( 1 Samuel 8 : 7 – 22 ) If Monarchy was instituted by God as the next best form of governance, why has it become a thing of the past ? Was it not expected to fail because absolute power was being endued upon a mortal, who was prone to corruption ? If nobles were empowered and made the custodians of the state, when Kings became increasingly corrupt, shouldn’t Aristocracy been the next best form of governance ? Didn’t they fail as well to safeguard the interests of the common man over the ruling class ? If empowering the common man was the greatest social experiment in the history of humanity and Democracy was the next best form of governance, then why is it being undermined by those with vested interests? Did our innate human nature for corruption, guarantee the failure of all these successive forms of government ? What kind of shadow government do we have now ? Is it an Oligarchy, with Multi National Corporations and the Military-Industrial complex throwing their weight behind the candidates of their choice and the Media giants using their platforms to socially engineer the outcome of the polls, to install their puppets in office? Doesn’t history remind us that it was the failure of Democracy that opened the way for autocrats, dictators, tyrants and despots to rise to power, who herded the sheeple to Tyranny ? Do those who call for the abolition of the constitution and judiciary and those who demand the defunding of all law enforcement agencies, realize that they are unwittingly being used by antidemocratic forces to overthrow the very foundation on which this democracy was built ? Will this rebellion against all forms of human government, fomented by satanic forces, eventually make way for the rule of Satan ? This downward slide to tyranny seems unstoppable but shouldn’t we do something in our power to slow this down? Will exercising our democratic right to vote be enough, if we fail to exercise our conscience in choosing the right candidates; choosing the ones who stand for democracy and rejecting the ones that have a nexus with the global elite who seek to set up the New World Order ? Shouldn’t we keep Democracy alive, as long as it can last, by not carelessly casting our vote for those who want to pull it down ? But what is the blessed hope for humanity? Back to Theocracy, once the full cycle of other forms of governance have ended ? Doesn’t it make sense then to pray, “Thy Kingdom come” ? Amen.

( This is the unabridged version of the article originally posted in a secular group on LinkedIn. Since members are required to open up the platform for discussion, instead of being affirmative about their faith, every sentence was phrased as a question to get the message across. )

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